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Hello everyone! The following is my blog about my 27 month trip to Azerbaijan working with the Peace Corps. I am a part of the 4th group sent to Azerbaijan and am in the Community Economic Development (CED) Program working with local companies to help them operate better in the world. Hopefully I’ll have some fun stories and cool pictures from traveling around Asia Minor and Eastern Europe. This blog is in no way related to the Peace Corps or their opinions. I hope you all enjoy…

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


That’s right, it’s freakin cold here. Last Saturday night around 10ish a nice little snow flurry snuck up on us. Well I woke up and it was dumping and continued to dump all day long. Then all of our water pipes froze, and the roads too. Jane and I made a killer snowman smoking a left over roman candle while joyce made a snowpuppy. So now it is Tuesday night and the pipes are still frozen, the major roads are kinda not icy and no snow for 2 days, but still snow everywhere. My house’s temperature has been dramatically fluctuating between a steamy 40-42 degrees since Saturday. Thankfully it does block the snow and wind from getting in, so I have that going for me. I basically make out with my electric heater each night it is so close to me. It actually isn’t that bad. I’m used to this temperature and know exactly which layers and how many of them I need on for certain temperatures. I sleep fully inside of my sleeping bag-head and all. The only real problem is getting out of it in the morning knowing how much colder the outside world is. This weather encourages me to go to my office more because we have wood burning heaters there that they always have rocking by the time I get there, so warmth abounds. I haven’t showered in 8 or 9 days-I literally can’t remember the last day I hosed off, but I’m fairly certain it was last year. I’ve started melting/boiling snow to wash my dishes, boil my noodles and distill for drinking water, so that’s fun. I make sure to avoid the random yellow snow patches that are near my door-getting all bundled up to wander about 40 steps in a foot of snow to pee into a hole isn’t that appealing at 10pm.

Other than that, not much to report. A Chinese Circus showed up to town yesterday, so I’m gunna go see what that’s all about tomorrow. It has been a week of writing reports-Magda and I have been writing our grant for the past few days since it is due Wednesday and I have a periodic report for PC due soon as well. We have to fill out these long reports detailing our activities, where they fit in the goals of the PC, who they help, how they help, etc. In spite of the fact that it is not hot right now, I put up a bunch of cool snow skiing pictures on my wall from a few magazines my family sent me. I never thought in my entire life I would say these words but I’m gunna freakin cook cabbage this weekend for the first time in my life. Ina made some for me a few weeks ago that wasn’t that bad with a bunch of seasoning and then either ketchup or this kinda sourcreamish stuff they have here. One parting thought in regards to me getting up at 5am to track the OU Fiesta Bowl game….I should have never gotten out of my sleeping bag…..

Pics are of our snow man, my back yard, and my frozen laundry…


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