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Hello everyone! The following is my blog about my 27 month trip to Azerbaijan working with the Peace Corps. I am a part of the 4th group sent to Azerbaijan and am in the Community Economic Development (CED) Program working with local companies to help them operate better in the world. Hopefully I’ll have some fun stories and cool pictures from traveling around Asia Minor and Eastern Europe. This blog is in no way related to the Peace Corps or their opinions. I hope you all enjoy…

Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy In Baku

Well I just got back to Lankaran from being in Baku for what seems like an eternity. In reality I was only there about 5 days, but life there is so much more intense than the slow pace of life out in the regions. We got the new Rambo movie in Baku, so I had that treat on the night train back. Good old Sly just keeps killing people even though I think he’s about 129 years old. I went in early last week to help give a training to the new group of PCVs on working with their counterparts at their organizations as well as how to manage small projects while in the Peace Corps. I’ve given a training like this before but it was 2.5 days. I had to shrink it to 1 day to fit a tight schedule, but I think everything went fairly well.

Besides that we had our first ABLE (the leadership camp we do for kids) meeting to plan for this summer’s camp and I also had a good first conversation with a new organization in Baku that says (with confidence) that they can help with my medical supplies project. I have another phone meeting with them later this week and I am really hopeful that things work out with the-I haven’t heard back from the first organization we met with so my faith in them isn’t so high right now.

I also talked with a few people that work in development/aid work about options and advice for jobs once I finish with the PC. They had a lot of interesting ideas and thoughts, so I now have a lot more to think about in that part of my life.

My well motor broke a week ago and my landlord today said it will probably be another couple of weeks before it is fixed. 2008 isn’t turning out to be the year of water. I’ve got to work a ton the next 2 weeks on my business training so I hope my office and manager are cooperative and we can get everything done-it should be interesting.

The pictures are from our “High Society” Prom we had in Baku over the weekend. Thanks to Magda for making me a killer ascot! Ben and me, Magda, Ram, Ben, me, Tom, Rikki, Donny and Maria, the Lankaran Gang, and me, Tom and Carlo.


At 8:30 AM, Blogger Erica said...

Hey Ash,

I have been reading your weekly tales for awhile now. Just wanted to say hey! I have started my own blog so that I can tell of all of the Cozby happenings.

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